Engineered for strength

Regular cardboard is just pieces of paper slapped together. Corrugated cardboard utilizes a wavy or corrugated middle sheet that creates a system of arches and columns. The arches disperse weight laterally while the columns prevent the sheets from collapsing or bursting at the wrong place; similar to the engineering behind a suspension bridge.


Quality. Quality. Quality.

SmartDeco products are way stronger than pizza boxes, but they're both made from paper. How?  Strength is a factor of the length of wood chip fibers used and the density, or number of fibers pressed into a single sheet. We max out on both of these. 


3 generations of experience

We have 3 generations of corrugated manufacturing and design experience under our belt and we aren't afraid to use it. Every angle and fold of SmartDeco products are expertly designed to maximize load capacity and minimize assembly time. We're proud of our work and we stand behind it with our 100% money back guarantee