SmartDeco: Temporary Recyclable Furniture

Whether for a dorm room or as a placeholder while saving for a better piece, SmartDeco's furniture is meant to be a temporary option that can be recycled when no longer needed. It also looks like a DIYer's dream canvas!

Smart Deco's furniture is clearly aimed at the college set. And, really, with the low price points and easy assembly (and recycling), it's perfect for dorm or teenage apartment life. We could also see it working in a new nursery or tucked inside a closet for extra organization. Add some paint, maybe some decorative paper, and you could really dress these simple pieces up.

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Started by University of Southern California grad Trent Mayol after he grew frustrated with poor quality, expensive student furniture, SmartDeco produces foldable furniture made of recycled or sustainable materials. It may look flimsy, but in a recent test the desk supported up to 580 lbs. while the stand maintained up to 620 lbs. There are no tools or instruction manuals, just simple online videos to follow. What’s more, it is all manufactured in the U.S.A. No surprises, then, that the company has sold 2,000 units since its January launch, and is set to expand into campuses nationwide.

SmartDeco Builds Eco-Friendly and Easy to Assemble Flat-Pack Furniture

If you’ve been looking for some basic furniture for your home, check out SmartDeco‘s eco-friendly creations. Founded in 2011, SmartDeco produces 100% recyclable furniture that is proudly made in the USA. The furniture can be ordered online and it arrives flat-packed at your front door. Boasting tool-free assembly, each piece folds together intuitively in just minutes. Each piece in the collection is made using EnviroBoard, an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional furniture substrates.

Genius Furniture from SmartDeco

For late-night study sessions, setting up a perfect workstation is the way to an A+. You’ll get high marks with this lightweight cardboard desk from SmartDeco. A great addition to any office, living room, or bedroom, the 100%-recyclable furniture piece quickly folds together without tools. Feeling creative? All SmartDeco products are ready to paint, tag, and customize. The 400 Micron LidSHIELD snaps on for a sleek and protective top layer.

Intellidesk Feature

Sleek and sturdy, the 100% recyclable Intellidesk makes a durable work station and weighs only 11 lbs. Made of enviroboard, it can be rapidly set up whenever and wherever you need to get work done. A snap-on shield provides an optimal working surface, plus, it's ready to paint, tag and customize in your own personal style. Proudly made in the USA.

Simple, affordable and green, the SmartDeco collection is made from enviroboard, a pulp-based corrugated fiberboard that offers a sleek, smart alternative to traditional furniture materials. With a high weight-to-strength ratio, recyclability, functionality, and affordability are amongst the many benefits of corrugated fiberboard. And every fold, beam, and angle, is designed to maximize both structural integrity and ease of assembly, making all SmartDeco furniture perfect for the college dorm.

Recyclable Furniture Is What All Young Nomads Need

Fact: Every time you move, you're going to throw a perfectly functional piece of furniture away. Maybe it's laziness, maybe its the distance involved, or maybe you just can't get rid of that ugly bookshelf. Either way, something inevitably ends up in the trash and you feel guilty. With SmartDeco Furnishing's cardboard-ish offerings, the transient souls of the world can depart knowing everything's recyclable.

SmartDeco furniture is made out of pulp-based "corrugated fiberboard"—a cheap, strong, lightweight material with an unmistakeable resemblance to cardboard. Offering include a customizable array of the stuff you'll need for your room. There are also "connection kits" so you can combine and customize the furniture to your liking.

In fact, it's cheap enough that you could use SmartDeco as uber-temporary furniture that holds you over until you get around to going shopping. When you're done with the furniture, you can discard it with a fraction of the guilt.

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SmartDeco furniture is made out of pulp-based "corrugated fiberboard"—a cheap, strong, lightweight material with an unmistakeable resemblance to cardboard. Offering include a customizable array of the stuff you'll need for your room.