Are SmartDeco products easy to assemble?

Yes! Your SmartDeco product is shipped to your doorstep in a sleek flat pack and easily folds together without tools. Just follow our easy step-by-step assembly videos and your SmartDeco will be assembled in minutes. No tools & no stress, just smart furniture for smart living.

Are SmartDeco products strong?

Yes! All SmartDeco products are tested to hold over 400 lbs. We are able to manufacture such impossibly strong cardboard furniture due to our combination of expert engineering and utilization of the highest quality materials. Every fold, score, edge, and beam was engineered to maximize structural integrity. We are confident that the strength and durability of the SmartDeco collection will exceed your expectations.

Do SmartDeco products last?

Yes! With proper care, the estimated lifetime is 1 to 1 million years. However, we understand that life can be rough around the edges, so we give our products a recommended 2-3 year lifespan. But with price points as low as ours, you don’t have to feel guilty about tossing your 100% recyclable SmartDeco in the recycling bin when it’s time to move! You will spare yourself the headache and backache associated with moving other types of furniture.

Are SmartDeco products eco-friendly?

Yes! Mother Nature has dreams about us. SmartDeco is dedicated to providing you with low cost, high quality products that are eco-friendly to the max. Our manufacturing process is ISO 9001 quality certified and our materials are FSC certified! Did we mention that all products are 100% recyclable? Join our furniture revolution and support Mother Nature.

Are SmartDeco products made in the USA?

Yes! SmartDeco products are proudly made here in the United States of America. We’re proud Americans and we strongly believe that there is a certain level of craftsmanship and quality that is unique to American made goods. We also take pride in supporting American jobs. And we’re inspired every time we hear that our customers feel the same way! Join our furniture revolution and support American made products.

Are SmartDeco products backed by a money back guarantee?

Yes! There’s no risk. We’re so confident that you’ll love being a part of our furniture revolution that if you get your SmartDeco and you aren’t satisfied, send it back and we will give you your money back.

Can I paint my SmartDeco?

Yes! Each SmartDeco product is a blank canvas, waiting for you to customize it exactly how you want. We love showing off pictures of how our customers deco, so send in a picture of yours for a chance to make it on our homepage and facebook page!

What if I spill on my SmartDeco?

No worries, all SmartDeco products come with a waterproof Lid Shield that snaps on top! If you spill somewhere other than the top, just quickly wipe it up. SmartDeco materials are so dense and strong that quickly treated spills won’t affect the structural integrity at all.

Where do SmartDeco products ship to?

Currently shipping is limited to the United States but we expect to grow and expand around the globe!